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J-WORKZ realizes every business owner need to have efficient and reliable systems to help them with their daily business documentation and instead of manually bookkeeping and trying to recall every single detail, why not reduce your risk and let us help you instead? Software is basically an investment that perhaps every business owner should take on to see substantial increase in their business’ productivity and efficiency.

The firm is allowed to focus more on strategizing, planning and deploying what they do best to realize their overall purpose of without having to worry about backend issues.

We offer a wide range of software that are capable of serving your needs in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting, inventory management and so on. We strive to align our products to fit each unique client and their requirements. To find out how we can help you, ring us up today!

Productivity and efficiency of a business are crucial factors to its success. Hence, we are always seeking solutions that can provide clients with true value. Everybody is aware that a POS system is excellent for tracking sales in retail stores and F&B businesses but do you know that it is also a great productivity-boosting tool? How so:

Inventory management

A POS system with an inventory management module allows for inventory-purchasing decisions to be made more accurately and promptly as orders are based on historical sales rather than on estimation and hear-say. Also, the module can be programmed to generate reorders when product or ingredient quantities fall below certain levels. This ensures that the right things are available at the right time and in the proper quantities and hence, minimizing loss of profit, waste and over-stocks.

Order and transaction errors

In F&B businesses, orders can be recorded on mobile devices and transmitted directly to a kitchen display system, reducing the likelihood of erroneous data entry when staff re-enter orders from paper into a terminal, or when the order paper cannot be deciphered.

For a retail POS system, transaction mistakes are eradicated by allowing customers’ purchases to be scanned using a bar-code scanner instead of  by manually keying the SKU number or price of each item into a register. This also reduces the waiting time for customers in the queue.

Prompt Service

Food patrons’ orders are transmitted to the kitchen right away, enabling food to be prepared sooner and delivery to tables hastened. In certain instances, requests for different items can be sent to the bar or kitchen as they are taken, allowing drinks and appetizers to arrive via a runner before the server has finished taking the complete order.

Service in fast-food restaurants are made even faster as a POS system speeds up customer service by allowing customers’ orders to be input with the touch of a single button per item. If the POS system is connected to a display system, orders reach the kitchen in seconds and can be filled instantly.

A retail POS system that harnesses bar-code scanning technology, touch-screen input or an integrated payment processing component takes significantly lesser time to complete transactions. Comparable time savings can be achieved when mobile devices are used for line-busting (i.e. retail tactic to take orders and/or collect payments for goods anywhere on the store floor, using wireless devices) purposes anywhere in an establishment.

F&B operators and retailers are always looking for new means of increasing productivity at the front end and in the back office. Let us show you how leveraging on a POS system to get the job done is a great start.

Having recognized how the power of technology has the entire marketing scene swept over, J-WORKZ is now helping businesses go mobile to gain a competitive edge. We design mobile applications that seek to attain development and growth for start-ups and scale-ups. Do you plan to start or increase spending on mobile marketing? If so, don’t do it without understanding where the mobile marketing trends are headed in the current year and beyond will help businesses, marketers, and agencies in getting a step ahead of their competitors.

The mobile revolution is already happening a study by Smart Insights found that mobile marketing is one of the top-rated digital marketing techniques in 2017, with more and more businesses creating apps to increase sales and to engage with their customers at a personal level. What are you waiting for? Build your mobile app with us today. To find out how you can benefit from this, please write to or call us.