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Since its incorporation on 19th May 2014, the business principle at J-WORKZ Office Solutions has been to nurture sustainable client-centric relationships which value-adds our firm as well distinguishes us from competitors who do not offer the same experience. We serve our clients with commitment and passion and are always striving to provide value-added solutions.

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Rigorous processes and procedures ensure the most consistent, reliable product performance possible.


We listen and collaborate with you to come up with a professional solution that best meets your needs and expectations. We also provide expert and responsive support through committing ourselves to a 4-hour down time recovery as well as providing pristine maintenance services for up to 7 years.


With your purchase from J-WORKZ, you attain more than just material goods. We strive to deliver excellence through providing only the finest products, an extensive selection and exceptional support. You are securing top product quality, responsive and reliable service and a value proposition that virtually cease to exist elsewhere.


J-WORKZ has always placed great emphasis on building businesses based on trust and quality service with the foremost being the needs of our customers. Our team is dedicated to listen to and comprehend our customers’ needs before providing professional advices and turnkey solutions.